Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jerry Brown Not Acclimatizing to Trump's Ship of State

California Governor Jerry Brown vow to stabilize the American Ship of State after Trump takeover

In an interview with BBC Radio, California Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) rebuked the Trump Administration for backing away from Obama era Climate Change goals to galvanize his base. Brown vowed to act to stabilize the "Ship of State".

The Trump Administration has taken a more skeptical approach to anthropomorphic (man-made) Climate Change.  Trump EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt cast doubt on the 2009 finding that man made climate change harms human health.  In June 2017, Pruitt reportedly launched an internal critique of mainstay climate science . In addition, esident Trump has indicated that the United States may withdraw from the November 2015 Paris Climate Change Accord unless more favorable terms can be reached,

Such deviations from the settled climate science shibboleth triggers progressives like celebrity science enthusiast Bill Nye. As it became evident that President Trump was not going to be the environmental internationalist like his predecessor, blue state politicians tried to stand the wound to America's bona fides to the world. Governor Brown acted as a self appointed American environmental envoy traveling to China to promise that not all of the country was poised for perceived environmental rollbacks.  The 79 year old California Governor also announced that San Francisco would host a global Climate Change Summit in September 2018, with or without President Trump.  Many cities and states, governed by leftists, have signaled that they intend to comply with the Paris Climate Change Accords, even if the United States federal government does not. 

As Nicaragua recently ratified the Paris Climate Change Accords, CNN laments that only the US and Syria remain as non-signatories to the international accord. The problem is that this is a non-binding "treaty" (which was not ratified by the US Senate despite President Obama being a signatory). Despite 197 nations signing on to the Paris Climate Change Accord, few countries are actually complying the the goals, so they effectively are worthless commitments  Still, progressives scorn the United States for not buying into the transfer of wealth to the Global South under the guise of fighting climate change. 

Puckish pundits ponder if Governor Brown would navigate the ship of state with Moonbeams. 

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