Monday, July 31, 2017

Lord Varys on Power

Game of Thrones Master of Whispers Lord Varys on Power

Pardon the Interruption

31 July 2017

After five and a half years of daily posting on various platforms, blogging began to feel like burden rather than a labor of love. I was feeling drained both physically and inspirationally. Hence, I took a break. One could rationalize that little typically happens in the District of Calamity during the summer. 

Well, these are not ordinary times and there is plenty of important things to share pearls of wisdom. Figuratively, my batteries are recharged from the respite.  And fortunately, I am once again hearing the sweet songs from the Muse of Inspiration.

When I started blogging, I operated under the premise that those engaged in ideas would look to worthy websites as home pages to start their daily reading, much as people started their days with the morning newspaper and possibly engage with other readers in a chautauqua.  Little did I realize that social media platforms would serve as the herald of the headlines as well as a medium for sharing and snarking.   

Alas, many busy people rarely get beyond the headlines, so persistently penning prolonged in-depth pieces can seem Sisyphian. Thus, my instinct was to develop pearls of wisdom using narrative graphics with tersely cogent quotations. If these "pearls of wisdom" are posted in a timely and thoughtful man, they can influence and augment the body politic. It is gratifying to know that one is making even a small contribution to civil civic and societal discourse.

Even though quotidian quotations may not be sine qua non for attracting eyeballs, I have discerned that these daily dishes are personally engaging and stoke the fire between extended articles. While I am dubious if regular readers were “jonesing” for their daily fix from the District of Calamity, I beg your pardon for the interruption.