Thursday, June 7, 2018

On Samantha Bee's Feckless Apology

As TBS Full Frontal comedienne Samantha Bee returned to television after attacking President Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump with obscene epithets and inappropriate innuendo, she offered an apology of sorts.

Samantha Bee's feckless apology about using an eptithet about Ivanka Trump

What a feckless Bee! Well, it was not much of an apology.  It was one of the "To those who might be offended" kind of regret.  Moreover, in this feckless mea culpa, Bee sought to justify using "the C-word" as a feminist way to reclaim the Anglo Saxon four letter word.  

The problem with Bee's BS expression of regret is that it ignores the context.  Many focus on the crudity of the "C word".  But Bee suggested that President Trump's daughter put on something tight and talk some sense into him because he listens to her.  This was uttered with a lurid archival photo in the background.  Incest innuendo- check.  Woman manipulating horny man insinuation -check mate?

Bee's insistence that she was trying to reclaim the "C word" is undermined by implying that Ivanka should use her feminine wiles to bend the will of her creepy father.  This may be pushing the bounds for an edgy comedienne and comedy isn't pretty.  But Bee still wants to be taken seriously on public policy, as her regret was taking attention away from the plight of illegal immigrant infants being separated from their mothers.  Sure.

I find it dubious that Samantha Bee and staff was truly sorry about insulting Ivanka Trump or crossing a line as it gave them so much publicity.  Full Frontal is a little watched late night comedy show which may be pulled off the air if it loses any more sponsors.  

What is culturally concerning is the progressive lack of civility combined with collective Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Politically correct panjandrums pontificate that it was acceptable for Bee to use the "C word" because she is of that class and is reclaiming a now pejorative phrase, while being blind to how much of America is revolted.

We live in a culture of outrage. Democrats have sought to maximize outrage to create a blue wave for the midterm elections.  One of the ways to do that is to use cultural levers to stoke up the bile. 

Alas, this is wasteful (sic) because it only appeals to true believers while alienating independents and traditional blue collar Democrats.  It is dubious that outrageous obscene attacks and feckless apologies will turn the tide and the blue wave might be down the drain like the  tidy bowl man. 

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